Sunday 19 May 2024

25 Years!

This year Altimate Images Photography reach a milestone of 25 years in the industry.
John, photographer at Altimate, loved photography from a young age and he developed his own black and white photographs in the dark room cellar of his parents house in West Yorkshire. As a teenager he continued to master the art of black and white photography and developing with the help of his older brother. In the late 80's John's passion for images took him to do studies in Leeds where he excelled at both video photography, editing and film photography. Leaving his photography passion in 1988 for a few years he returned to it in 1994 and decided he should like to make photography his full time career. John had worked in lighting for 7 years for First Leisure Corporation but decided to leave this reliable income and ventured into the unknown early in 1995 starting Altimate Images with a friend. Later in 1995 John went full time as a photographer and finally left his job in 1996 to become sole proprietor at Altimate Images. In 1999 John started to toy with the idea of shooting on digital. Up to that point he had been shooting on both 35mm and medium format film stock and using his skills in photoshop to manipulate and edit images that had been scanned in. Digital cameras in the early 'noughties' were cumbersome and poor quality but John could see the potential these cameras would bring. Finally in 2003 Canon released the 10D and from that time john has not used a roll of film. Rachel, his wife later joined on a part time basis and became album designer as the advantages of digital took the business from strength to strength. Now with well over 750 weddings of experience, and '2020' overcome, John and Rachel are looking forward to the next decade of business success and the continued fun of artificial intelligent photo editing and the joy of your magical wedding days.