Wednesday 24 July 2024

We can help plan your wedding

We are here to help you plan your day

Before you book your wedding photos with us it is in both our and your interest to make sure that what you have planned for your wedding day is a well timed and organised schedule. With 750 weddings of experience we are able to help with making sure your day goes without a hitch. Whether you just need to know how long the photos are likely to take or if you have a complex wedding taking place at multiple venues, making sure everyone is in the right places at the right times, is the way to make a happy and relaxed day. Often the wedding venue will have already helped to create a day plan but on many occasions our bride and grooms have commented that the advice we gave before and on the day was invaluable and helped the day run smoothly and in a relaxed manor. Please check out our reviews and you will see we are just the right people to help the wedding go well. Why not call us today to discuss your wedding.

 Top 12 tips for a smooth wedding day.

1: Ensure young children in the bridal party have a good nights sleep and are not up too early. Many young children need a nap around lunch time and can get 'grouchy' at just the wrong time. Help them bee the life of the party (and they often are!) by ensuring they are on form and well rested.

2: Hair: Brides; have your hair done before the bridesmaids. If you don't like it then you have time to have it re-set (at the expense of the bridesmaids but it's your wedding day!). Ask for an 'HONEST' opinion from your household early enough to sort things out. Chaps; don't have your hair done right before the wedding unless you are looking for the sharp manicured look. Best to let your hair style relax for a couple of days. The camera makes hair look a little shorter than it really is.

3: Leave the party until after the ceremony. Many a stressful time before the wedding is caused by relaxing too much before the wedding and realising an hour before that you are well behind schedule.

4: Lay off the alcohol the night before and get to bed early. Your face will thank you in the morning and so will I when I have to take pictures of it!

5: Makeup: Make sure you look like YOU. Best not to have the groom wonder who is walking down the isle. I am just kidding, just to be on the safe side take pictures of your makeup trial to make sure you like the look.

6: Wedding cars: Be careful of Limo's on a deadline. Some are notorious for saying they have run out of time and you must leave to the reception right now. The best cars to hire are owner drivers as they care about your wedding and their reputation.

7: Travel: Always plan the travelling time conservatively between venues and especially from home to the wedding. If your transport is doing two trips be especially careful to make sure there is plenty of time for the car to return.

8: Be ready well before time. This is my top tip for being relaxed and enjoying things. Nothing causes stress like running late. It kills the joy, family and friends who are trying to help you are more stressed and it reduces the ability of the professionals at your wedding to do their job well. Not everything is likely to be perfect on your wedding day (a broken strap on a bridesmaid dress is an example) but if you are on time and have space to think about an alternative plan for any eventualities then there is far less anxiety and these things can become fun memories instead of catastrophes.

9: Plan: Time the day from start to end, share the plan with all those involved, let everyone who needs to, know where and when things are happening. It is my pleasure to be a part of this planning and I may offer some pointers in estimating how long things will take.

10: Try to be the best version of yourself on your wedding day. A lot of people are watching you and taking in the memories. You will be remembered for how lovely you looked and acted.

11: What do you love about going to a wedding? Think about your guests when you plan your day. Some have come a long way to be there and often it is a big expense to them too. What will your guest enjoy doing? Are they likely to want a big catch up and talk? Make space for that. Do they see each other all the time so this is just a party? Have fun activities for them to do. Have you got older folk who need to take it easy? Have a hiding place. Do some guest like the disco loud? Some don't. Try to have the disco loud in one smaller area around the dance floor and have the table and chairs in a quieter area. If you have the disco blaring over the guests you will have a large exodus of guests right after the evening buffet. 


Finally enjoy the whole process, avoid unrealistic expense and debt. Remember that this is about celebrating your love for each other and the commitment you are setting out on. Make it about that and the joy is sure to follow. Impressing others with your extravagance is short lived and may come with a big price tag.

and... A wedding filled with alcohol will only be remembered for that if remembered at all.