Monday 16 May 2022

Our Current Albums

Carys and Jack Cranage Wedding
Sophie and David at Slaters Country Hotel
Deborah and Howard Churnet Valley Railway
Ashleigh and Samuel at The Upper House
Slaters Parent Album
Lee and Sarah at Brown Edge Village Hall
Victoria and James at Crow Hill
Marc and Aimi at Alsager Manor
Lisa and James at Cranage Hall Main Album
Dodi and Kate at Broadway Methodist
Lisa and James at Cranage Hall Parents Album
Chris and Lisa at Slaters Country Hotel
Emma and Lee at The Ashes
Kelly and Chris at St Lawrence
Edward and Selina at Wrenbury
Alex and Mike at Weston Hall
Kelly and Matt at Wychwood Park
Jamie and Vicky at Moddershall Oaks
Andy and Danielle at Whiston Hall
Elisha and Paul at Alsager Manor
Melanie and Andrew at Wychwood
Ant and Natalie at Heath House
Mitch and Stacey at Whiston Hall
Amy and Martin at The Moat House
Kate and Daniel at Heaton House Farm
Nicola and John at Weston Hall
Tye and Sam at The Stone House
Carly and Jake at Malkins Bank
Luke and Megan at St Teresa's
Denise and Paul at The Potters Club
Susie and Mark at Wychwood Park
Glyn and Sarah at Slaters Country Hotel
Emma and David at Hanley Town Hall
Stephen and Michelle at Slaters
Gail and Andrew at The Upper House
Ray and Teresa at The Brampton Park
Laura and Stuart at St Mary's and Consall Gardens
Sam and Kyle ant Moddershall Oaks Colour

Not every bridal couple we work with requires my beautiful Rachel (our album designer) to create a bespoke album for them. Often in this digital age they are more than happy to have a digital album but as we are a more traditional wedding photography couple we still love designing albums and here are a selection of our favourites.

Our latest Show Album for Sugnall Walled Garden in Staffordshire. This album shows the possibility of a subtle vintage design to compliment a classic theme at a wedding. Kate and Mark married there in August and their photos are delightful. One amazing feature of their day was the wonderful sports day fun that was had by the guests before their wedding breakfast.

A beautiful wedding at Heath House with Oliver and Jessica who was wearing a delightful Grecian dress. Jessica is without doubt one of the most fun loving brides I have ever worked with. You may recognize the church where they were married if you live in Newcastle Under Lyme. The huge Holy Trinity Catholic Church. We were also very lucky to be one of the very first weddings ever to take place at The Heath House and the house is still clearly lived in and loved by the families who own it. Look out for Jessica’s cheeky face and Oliver’s trade mark dance move.

Melvin and Nicola Wedding Photographs were taken when they married at the stunning St Mary’s and All Saints Church right next door to Whitmore Hall and then had their reception at the wonderful Slater’s Country Hotel which has some lovely features. This was a really relaxed wedding as plenty of time had been allowed for photos and hanging out with the guests. I love the Private sign and I must confess we ignored it and stole some photos on the grounds of the hall. Sorry Whitmore Hall, your just too pretty! My favorite photo is the bride and groom walking to the bouncy castle.

Probably the most unusual wedding I have done at Goldstone Hall. Its is a beautiful wedding venue and has a wonderful outdoor ‘wedding barn’ as you will see in the photos. So, why was this wedding unusual? Well I felt like part of the family for the day. There were just 6 people at the wedding plus 1 photographer. I will never forget it as we had a blast!

This album of Tanya and Russell is featured for a simple reason. Just how amazing it looks despite the absolutely awful weather we had. The wind was hitting gusts of up to 70mph but Tanya and Russell were determined to brave it and the results are spectacular. I particularly like Russell’s use of a ‘vintage’ car from The Dukes of Hazard, The General LeeDovecliffe Hall is a very special venue and one day I intend to enjoy it without the strong wind.

The Upper House in Barlaston is one of my most frequently visited venues and it is definitely one of my favourites. When Hayley and Jon were married though it was like the stars were aligned and the heavens look favourably on us as the autumn weather was terrific. It was a real honour to work with Hayley and Jon because they were having such a huge wedding and I knew so many of the guests. They married at St John’s Trent Vale and had the special treat of being married by Bishop Geoff as they are personal friends. What was significant about the day was the deep emotion and feeling that shone through and their certain Christian faith flavoured the proceedings. There must have been over 150 guests at the wedding and I was in my element. Some of the best photos of the day came from Rachel’s camera as she hunted around for those unaware guests.

Alison and Adam were married at a lovely Church of England Church in Stoke on Trent. I have featured this wedding because it reminded me of all those amazing weddings I used to do when I started out back in the 20th century. This was the best of a traditional wedding with a church, a local park and a village hall. The bride and groom were an absolute delight to work with and they were having a wonderful day which clearly shows in the photos. Why not give me a call to have a chat about your wedding. 07790 655304.

Matt and Olivia's wedding for Rachel and I must be, apart from our own, the most memorable wedding we have had the pleasure being involved in. We first met Olivia when she was 3 and have been friends for decades. We first met Matt at Church and Olivia took a shine to him in our youth group. Some years later Matt and Olivia met again and romance struck up. By this time we were great mutual friends with Matt and Olivia. Rachel was asked to be a bridesmaid (see if you can guess which one she is) and obviously I totally wanted to do the photos. Olivia's Dad was a photographer back in the 80's but a serious crash caused him to lose his eyesight. He gave me his camera equipment and it was instrumental in my becoming a pro photographer. There were some very emotional parts to the wedding and if you look on my Youtube Channel you will be able to see some of them. Look out for walking down the aisle and Dad's Speech. You may also see in the album the photo taken by Ray at the wedding, even though he is blind, which is a super photo. Why not ask me to show you which it is.